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A group of passionate strategists who are experts in digital marketing, sales, CRM, and web design. Our focus is on the current climate of technology, and the way businesses can use it. By understanding the trends and pain points associated with various industries, we evolve with the ever-changing environment of the digital world. To know about it isn’t enough – you must master it – and that’s what we pride ourselves on here at TAG. As a HubSpot, and Google partner, we leverage our knowledge and skills to help brands across the country unify their sales and marketing.

The TAG Team

  • Natalie Noel, MBA
    Natalie Noel, MBA Founder / CRM & Marketing Strategist
  • Ahmed Siddiqui
    Ahmed Siddiqui Creative Director / Project Manager
  • Taylor Clark
    Taylor Clark Marketing Director / SEO & PPC
  • Jazmine Foxworth
    Jazmine Foxworth Multimedia Specialist / Content Writer
  • Dat Pham
    Dat Pham Web Developer
  • Victoria Albarez
    Victoria Albarez Office Manager
  • Robert Killeen
    Robert Killeen Content Writer / Marketing Specialist
  • Ashley Estave
    Ashley Estave Graphic Design / Video Production
  • Angelique Christina
      Angelique Christina Public Relations Specialist

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