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Tech Advocate Group (TAG) is located in Baton Rouge, LA and was founded in 2012 by a longtime software consulting professional and entrepreneur that saw a need in the marketplace for true technology advocacy for business leaders. Business leaders are experts in running their companies; TAG provides another core competency to those leaders. The truth is, technology is changing at a rapid pace and not every software development company is keeping up. In order to give its clients a competitive advantage, TAG has assembled an exclusive network of software development companies from around the U.S. that are not just keeping up but blazing along the innovation trail.

Members of the TAG team will delve into your business to gain a solid understanding of your processes, uncover opportunities for efficiencies utilizing technology, develop a strategic plan for implementation and facilitate the implementation.

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Areas of Focus

TAG's core competency is identifying and facilitating the implementation of software solutions that solve business problems. We focus our technology consulting in the areas of software application development, website development, SEO audits, marketing automation software, business analytics and CRM.

Our clients rely on us to simplify the process, solve their problems, and give them a competitive advantage.